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Monday, November 26, 2012

This weeks Independent Artist Feature: 3t3n

How's it going my good people! I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was full of Food, Family and Goodtimes. This week we have a special treat for you. This weeks independent artist is one that is of an out of the box nature. I refer to him the guy who is going to give Tyler the Creator a run for his money...ALL his money. This weeks Artist feature is on Rapper 3T3N: The Wolf.

3t3n is a Rapper, Actor, Singer, Song Writer, and Producer out of Philadelphia
P.A. / Fayetteville NC. 3t3n has been a professional recording and performing
artist for over 10 years now and a professional actor for over 15. As an actor he
has appeared in over a dozen commercials, four TV shows including Law And
Order S.V.U, and two movies including a H.B.O film in titled Angel Rodriguez to
name a few. As An artist he has performed in Philadelphia, New Jersey and the
Delaware area as well as Detroit, Baltimore, L.A, and N.Y. 3t3n has opened up
for Phillyʼs Young Guns, Chubb Rock, Nice And Smooth, Schoolly.D and more.
With a musical style that has been described as a twisted cartoon filled with
melodic scores and sounds, complex lyrics with a humorous flare, fusing genres
of music from hip hop, rock, pop, dub step, electronic, and beyond. 

Creating his
own sound bed of music called Crunack. His music is truly an all around trip into
the mind of a dark mc. His influences are Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Marilyn
Manson, Andre 3000, Nirvana, Radio Head, Mozart and even Thomas Dolby so
you can see why he is so musically unchained. He has no boundaries and will
remain that way through out his career. 3t3n has released two major mix-tapes
called “Disturbing B3havior 2” in 2010 and “Mr.3O2” In the beginning of 2012 heʼs
now gearing up to release his new mix-tape “Johnny And The Wolf”. If you were
to ask 3t3n what sets him apart from other artist? He would say, “Play my music
then you tell me”. 3t3n is an advocate for good music and he appreciate its
culture, history, and powers that it has and represents. Heʼs not here to try and
create a new chapter, heʼs here to create a new book.

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