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Monday, November 12, 2012

Independent Artist DOUBLE Feature! Lyricist Blake Utley and R&B vocalist

Independent Artist DOUBLE FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blake Carrington
Whats going on my good peoples! Welcome back and we are glad to be back with another feature of some of the best independent talent the independent music industry has to offer. This week we bring to you not one, but TWO highly talented musicians. Both from different worlds but equally matched in talent and buzz worthy potential. The first of these artists are Blake Carrington, formerly known as 'King Nemesis'. Blake is a practicing lyricist originating from Rockingham, NC. He has been practicing his craft since 2006 and is well on his way to making a mark on the Hip-Hop underground, and hopeful to work with a label.

Blake comes to the game with a unique sound filled with clean and clear verses, and soulful and powerful hooks. His production is extremely professional and worthy of above ground play, as well as label quality. His lyrics and songwriting skills match those in quality of artists such as Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Kevin McCall. It is evident that Blake Carrington is not only ready for the industry, but a force to be reckoned with once he enters.

Check out one of our favorite tracks by Blake, the production is great, and the material and subject matter draw the listener to listen to the story and the scenario.

To connect and hear more from Blake Utley and to download his current mixtapes including 'Valet Parking II' and 'OutRageous Dayz':



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Yaquan Hunter
From a wide range of influenece like Donny Hathaway, R.Kelly, Usher and Lyfe Jennings Yaquan Hunter's music is a reflection of both the past and the present. You become consumed with a calm, mellow, but very exciting and unpredictable feeling. You hear everything, especially the soothing melodies whispering in your ear it’s amazing. Originality, uniqueness, and style describe this hot new R&B sensation out of Raleigh, NC. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey he brings an authentic form of R&B to the Raleigh/Durham area. Twenty-three year old Yaquan's main focus is on music and his daughter. Sadly enough, the sound and skill of Yaquan's  magnitude can’t be described in words or on paper. Yaquan is too gifted to merely tell you about his art.One must simply experience the next best thing in the music industry. You must relax and allow yourself to be whisked away by mystifying wind, taking you to new heights and exploring the unknown. And then you can say you’ve been seduced by the music and the sultry voice of a true vocalist...

To check out more from Yaquan:

Reverb Nation


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